The South Sanpete Board of Education believes that preparation time is intended for the purpose of preparing and planning. Therefore, additional teaching assignments during teacher's preparation time will be permitted on a temporary basis in rare circumstances and only after exploring all other viable options.


Extra Period: For the purpose of this Policy, an "Extra Period" means when a teacher is approved to teach during his/her preparation period; when a teacher is approved to do an extra assignment; when a teacher is approved additional days beyond their183 contract days; or when other situations arise as determined by the District.


The purpose of this Policy is to implement guidelines and protocol that will assure appropriate and responsible use of extra-period assignments. Approval for an extra period shall be granted only in temporary situations and on a year to year basis which are deemed critical to the needs of the school and students. The following guidelines shall be followed in administering the Extra Period Policy:

1. Approval for teaching an extra period shall be on a year to year basis with no expectation of continuation beyond one year.

2. Teaching an extra period is reserved for tenured employees unless special circumstances arise.

3. The immediate administrator, supervisor, or director must complete the "Application for Extra Period" form to receive permission for the extra period in their school or department. This form must be submitted to the District by May 1 for approval for the following year and must be submitted annually.

4. In reviewing the application, the District shall consider available funding and other alternatives to the request, e.g., revising the class schedule, hiring a part-time teacher, evaluating current staff to student ratio, reviewing enrollment projections, re-assessing critical needs of curriculum, etc.

5. Teaching an extra period may be granted for a quarter, semester, or year.

6. Extra periods shall be included in the school's formula of determining FTE's and student-to-teacher ratio.

7. Although teaching an extra period usually pertains to secondary teachers, on occasion, it may apply to other personnel. If this occurs, it shall be determined by the District and approved on a case by case basis.

8. A teacher who is granted permission to teach an extra period for a full year shall be paid 1/7 of their base contract salary. If the time is less than a full year, the amount shall be prorated accordingly. However, if a situation arises where the State or Federal funding of a program, grant, or other non-District money is insufficient to compensate the educator at his/her contract rate, the amount for the extra period may be lesser than the base contract salary. If this is the case, the teacher will make the decision to work or not to work for the money that is available.

9. If a teacher who is teaching an additional period is going to be performing duties at a contracted hourly rate, that hourly rate will be figured on the base contract rate and not the rate which includes the additional period.

10. Summer school, adult education, driver education, non-contractual hourly positions, and other such programs are not part of this Policy and are subsequently paid at a lower rate than a teacher's base contract salary.

11. If due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances during the contract year or at the time of student registration, the need for a teacher to teach an extra period is no longer needed, the teacher's original contract shall be honored without the extra-period funding.

Examples of this situation may be as follows (but not limited to):

A. The State, Federal, or special (grant) funding for a program is discontinued or insufficient to continue.

B. The enrollment is insufficient to justify the extra period.

C. A certified part-time teacher is a more viable option.

D. The teacher voluntarily requests to discontinue the extra period agreement.

E. Through the discretion of the supervising administrator or District, the extra period is affecting the overall performance of the teacher and is detrimental to his/her other classes.

12. The District reserves the right to approve an extra period at the time of registration if a severe, critical need arises.

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