Adopted: 6-29-76
Revised: 9-14-05

The South Sanpete Board of Education recognizes that attractive compensation plans--which include an adequate base salary, salary incentives, and employee benefits--are necessary to attract and retain well-qualified and able men and women to manage the District and to deliver quality educational services. The Board shall do everything within its power to provide an attractive compensation plan to its employees.

It is the District's intent to review all compensation plans annually with representatives of the District's several categories of professional staff employees. Once adopted by the Board, these plans of compensation shall be considered as current policy.


The Board will enter into individual one-year contracts with each member of the professional staff. These contracts shall describe the general services to be rendered by the employee in return for financial and other considerations. All terms and conditions of contracts with professional staff members are to conform to the requirements of State law and Board policy and all policies, regulations, and administrative rules shall be incorporated into the contract by reference.

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