Adopted: 9-10-86
Amended: 6-8-88, 6-12-91, 2-12-03

Philosophy: The purpose of this Policy allows an eligible classified or a certified employee to receive reimbursement for accumulated sick leave.

Policy: The employee (classified or certified) must work for the District a minimum of ten (10) years in a leave-qualifying capacity to qualify for the retirement leave incentive. The employee must qualify for immediate retirement under the provisions of the Utah State Retirement guidelines.

The maximum number of days the District will provide the retirement-leave incentive for is 120 days. The cash settlement of unused accumulated leave will be paid based on the employee's regular salary schedule position in their final contract year excluding any extensions or salary modifications based upon the following:

Number of Days Percentage to be Paid
1-50 15%
51-90 20%
91-120 25%


Policy GBQ-1 will be used to calculate this reimbursement.

Classified employees were approved for this benefit on 1-1-91.

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