Adopted: 6-29-76
Revised: 9-14-05 (Approved)

Staff members shall be expected to regard each student as an individual and to accord each the rights and respect due any individual. The role of staff shall be seen, not as dictators or controllers, but as resource persons, aides, and guides in the learning processes. Staff members shall provide for the fullest self-determination by each student in regard to his or her learning program, consistent with District and local goals and with optimum opportunities for all students. Students shall be treated with courtesy and consideration. Neither insults nor sarcasm shall be used before a student's peers as a way of forcing compliance with a staff member's requirements or expectations.

Each student is urged to regard staff members as people with specific knowledge and capabilities, which can be well utilized to advance the student's own knowledge and development.

Students shall be expected to regard staff members as individuals, employed to provide direct or indirect contributions to learning. While students are to have considerable latitude in making choices for themselves, they shall be required to respect the right of staff members (and other students, as well) and interference with those rights shall not be condoned. No student shall have the right to interfere with the efforts of instructional staff to coordinate or assist in learning, to disseminate information for purposes of learning, or to otherwise implement a learning program. Nor shall a student have the right to interfere with a motivation to learn or the learning activities and efforts of other students.

Staff members are encourage to academically assist students before and after school or whenever possible; however, to avoid potential problems which may arise, they should avoid one-on-one situations with students as much as possible. Also, it is not recommended that employees invite students to their home unless there is permission from the parent/guardian, the school administration, and more than one student or adult present at all times.

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