Adopted: 6-29-76
Reviewed: 9-14-05 (Approved)

It shall be the policy of the Board to encourage employee participation in decision making for the District. The Superintendent is authorized to establish such committees as necessary to recommend policies and rules for the proper functioning of the District.

All professional personnel shall be encouraged to assist in the formulation of recommended educational policy for the District. Recommendations which relate to the overall school program shall be submitted to the Superintendent.

In the development of rules, regulations, and arrangements for the operation of the school system, the Superintendent shall include at the planning stage whenever feasible those employees who will be affected by such provisions.

The Superintendent shall evolve with professional and nonprofessional employees' channels for the ready intercommunication of ideas and feelings regarding the operation of the schools. He shall weigh with care the counsel given by employees, especially which is given by groups designated to represent large segments of the staff, and shall inform the Board of such counsel in presenting reports of administrative action and in presenting recommendations for Board action.

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