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Adopted: 2-12-2003
Amended: 4-11-2012


The purpose of this policy is to insure proper District credit card use and to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and payment for small-dollar transactions.


The use of a credit card helps eliminate the use of small dollar purchase orders, petty cash, requests for checks, and the use of personal funds reimbursed by expense reports. The credit card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing or payment procedures. Rather, the program complements the existing purchasing processes of the District.


Those employees receiving credit cards shall read the following agreement and complete the necessary information listed at the end. An employee's signature is verification that he/she has read the agreement and agrees to comply with the responsibilities as outlined herein. A copy of this signed agreement will be kept by the Business Administrator and updated as needed.

1. I understand the card is for School District approved purchases only, and I agree not to charge personal purchases. Reimbursable airfare and travel purchases (for spouses/children) in conjunction with approved travel, are not considered a violation of this policy.

2. Improper use of this card can be considered misappropriation of School Funds. This may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

3. If the card is lost or stolen, I will immediately notify the District's Business Administrator by telephone. I will confirm the telephone call by mail or facsimile with a copy of the notification.

4. I agree to surrender the card immediately upon termination of employment, whether for retirement, voluntary, or involuntary reasons.

5. The card is issued in my name. I am responsible for any and all charges against the card. However, I may grant permission to other District employees to use the card for school or District purchases. For such purchases, I am responsible to notify the Business Administrator and the Accounting Director to verify these purchases and to provide the proper receipts.

6. All charges will be billed directly to and paid directly by the School District. The bank cannot accept any monies from me directly; therefore, any personal charges billed to the District could be considered misappropriation of School District funds.

7. As the card is School District property, I understand that I may be periodically required to comply with internal control procedures designed to protect School District assets. This may include being asked to produce the card to validate its existence and account number.

8. I will receive a Monthly Reconciliation Statement, which will report all activity during the statement period. Since I am responsible for all charges (but not for payment) on the card, I will resolve any discrepancies by either contacting the supplier or the bank.

9. The charges made against the card are coded to expenditure accounts as specified by management. This code cannot be changed without management involvement.

10. I understand a credit card is not necessarily provided to all employees. Assignment is based on my need to purchase materials for the School District. The card may be revoked at any time not solely based on change of assignment or location. I understand that the card is not an entitlement nor reflective of title of position.

11. Actual credit card receipts shall be given to the District Accounting Director and/or Business Administrator to show proper documentation for audit purposes. A receipt summary must be signed by the cardholder. This should be done monthly to avoid late fees and service charges.

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