Payment and Purchasing Procedures                                                                                                      DK


Adopted: 4-6-76
Revised: 4-13-05(Combined Policy DK "Payment Procedures" with DJF "Purchasing Procedure" and re- named Policy DK "Payment and Purchasing Procedures.")

In making purchases, all authorized personnel should proceed as follows:

1. Complete a "Purchase Order" form on all items; this should include estimated cost, freight or postage charges, and other related information. All Purchase Orders shall be forwarded to the District for checking and final approval.

2. When order is received match the original invoice and the receiving report so that payment can be made; no payment will be made on packing slips or monthly statements. Send paper work to the District noting items that have been backordered, cancelled, or that cannot be supplied.

3. On-line purchases may be made only with prior District approval. All on-line purchasing must have a signed printed copy of the transaction and be presented with the request for payment.

It is the responsibility of the originator of a purchase request to see that each item on the requisition has complete specifications. (In many instances, the desired specifications may be on file in the District office for reference when needed.)

All purchases, whether by competitive bid or otherwise, shall take into consideration the quality of the item being purchased, conformity with required specifications, and suitability to the requirements of the educational program for which purchased.

The following requirements must be met before payment of an invoice can be made from District funds:

1. The District shall receive the original invoice showing what was purchased, when it was purchased, and who purchased it. The proof of purchase or who purchased it can be shown by signature of an authorized employee or by purchase order number.

2. If invoice is not signed or is over $10.00, it must be accompanied by a received or green copy of the purchase order.

3. The invoice and account number have been checked for accuracy and approved by the Business Administrator, Superintendent, or Accounting Director.

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