Local Purchasing                                                                                                                               DJD


Adopted: 4-6-76
Amended: 3-14-79
Revised: 9-8-04

It shall be the policy of this District to purchase locally, provided goods of equal quality are available at competitive prices.

The District purchasing agent should not feel bound to purchase any item locally that can be secured at a saving to the District from outside sources, nor shall he or she feel bound to purchase locally unless adequate service and delivery can be given by the local supplier.

The District will not purchase supplies from a staff member, a member of his household, a Board member, his/her immediate family, or a firm in which he has a significant interest, unless: (1) the purchase is a result of an advertised legal bidding process; (2) the purchase is a one-time item and it is clearly in the best interest of the District; (3) it would be unreasonable because of time, availability, or price to do otherwise.

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