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Adopted: 4-6-76
Amended: 3-14-79
Revised: 4-13-05


The Districts shall call for bids on construction projects which cost in excess of $20,000 but there is no law that requires public bidding on other purchases. When bids are required, the District shall follow the bidding processed outlined in Utah Code 63-56-20 or other current state statutes.

Whenever any political subdivision or taxing unit of the State of Utah is required by law to receive bids on account of purchases, construction, repairs, or any other purpose requiring the expenditure of funds, such political subdivision or taxing unit shall keep on file all such bids received together with proof of advertisement therefore by publication or otherwise, for a period of at least three years following the letting of any contract pursuant to such bids, or three years following the first advertisement for such bids in the event all bids pursuant to that advertisement are rejected.

When purchases are made by accepting bids, the Board will accept the low bid, providing the quality of the item is comparable to that of other bids.


In all bidding and purchasing activities, agents of the Board shall:

1. Consider first the interests of the school system and the betterment of its educational program;

2. Endeavor to obtain the greatest possible value for every tax dollar expended;

3. Give all responsible bidders equal consideration and assurance of unbiased judgment in determining whether their product meets required specifications;

4. Refuse the offer of gifts from vendors;

5. Refrain from soliciting funds or material from vendors, unless prior approval has been obtained from the School Board.

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