User Agreement                                                                                                                                 DD-1


Adopted: 4/14/04: Revised 8/614

The ________________________________________________ (User) desires to use

____________________________________ located at (address) ________________________

User wishes to use the Facilities for the following purpose:


This agreement will outline the responsibilities and duties undertaken by the User in consideration for permission to use the South Sanpete School District Facilities.


User will have access to the Facilities on __________________ (Date) from (Time) _________

No other Access to School District property or buildings is granted by this Agreement


User has inspected the Facilities and warrants to the District that the Facilities are acceptable and appropriate for all Event activities. User accepts full responsibility for all conditions on the premises that can be identified by reasonable inspection, if User fails to give District written notice of any objectionable conditions, no later than one week before the date of the Event the Facilities will be deemed acceptable.


User understands and accepts it has full responsibility for safely and appropriately setting up all equipment, marking the site, and for all other activities necessary for staging the Event.


User understands and accepts it has full responsibility for all security measures necessary for the safety of all those involved in the Event including, but not limited to, parking lot safety, crowd control, and participant and spectator safety.


User warrants to the District that it will provide all the supervision necessary for the safe use of Facilities. User understands and accepts that it will provide all needed supervision and that the District has no supervisory responsibility for the Event. However, in some instances, the User will be required to use District Personnel for Event supervision.


User understands and agrees it takes full responsibility to provide medical and emergency care to all those involved in the Event, including participants and spectators. User warrants to the District that all medical and emergency care will be appropriate and sufficient.

Commercial Use
User warrants that it maintains all legally required insurance. For the purpose of this agreement, User shall also have Comprehensive General Liability Insurance covering this event in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and have the District named as an insured. One week prior to the event, User
will give to the District a Certificate of Insurance which will include the above stated amount and showing that the District has been added as an insured. Absent such certificate, User will not be allowed to use the Facilities.

Non Commercial Users (includes individuals and community groups)
The Utah Civic Center status grants the District full legal immunity under the Governments Immunity Act of Utah (63G-7-301) No General Liability Insurance is required.

DD-1 Form


User agrees to pay the South Sanpete School District $ ________ in consideration for permission to use the Facilities. This amount shall include the amount necessary for the District to procure Special Event insurance coverage naming the District and User as insured in the amount of $ __________. The fees shall be paid ten (10) days before the event in order to allow the District to obtain the Special Event insurance. Special Event Insurance shall follow specific guidelines provided through the State Of Utah Special Event Spectators Liability Program. (UTAHSPE) If such insurance cannot be obtained for any reason, this agreement shall be void. A fee schedule is available for review.

The INSURANCE REQUIREMENT clause and the UTAHSPE clause of this agreement may be waived or amended at the discretion of the building Principal, Superintendent, or Business Administrator. This waiver is intended for family, personal, or community events wherein the insurance requirement makes the use of the facility cost prohibitive. Building use by a Business Entity, State /Public Agency, or "for Profit" may not seek this waiver.


Reason for requesting the waiver: __________________________________________________


Signed : ________________________________ _____________________________
                            Principal                                             User


User agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the District, and all it's Boards, Officials, Officers, Employees, Agents and Volunteers ("Indemnities") from any and all lawsuits, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorney fees, arising out of or in any way connected with this Agreement or use of the Facilities, except such that result from the sole negligence of Indemnities.

This Agreement is Signed and Dated by the District's Designee and User

Dated __________________________

Signed _________________________ ______________________________
                       Principal                                    User 


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