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Adopted: 6-10-81
Revised: 4-13-05
Revised: 9-8-10
Revised: 4-17-14



The South Sanpete Board of Education believes in establishing school and District fees on an "as needed" basis. Fees shall be established to supplement the current revenues in order to maintain and continue programs. The Board shall strive to meet the demand of textbook requests and adoptions in providing suitable, current texts for all students.

Fee Policy

All school fees listed in the "South Sanpete School District Fee Schedule" shall be approved at the School Board meeting held each April.

In accordance with Administrative Rule R277-407-3-C, no fees may be charged to K-5 students for materials, textbooks, supplies, or for any class or activity, including assemblies and field trips. Sixth grade students, when enrolled in a 6-8 school, become subject to fees. (R277-407-3-C) Therefore, all (6-12) students are subject to the student fees contained in the District Fee Schedule. No other fee(s) may be implemented by a teacher, school or department unless approved by the South Sanpete Board of Education.

The South Sanpete School District Fee Schedule is updated and published each year. A copy of the current fee schedule may be found on the District's web site, in school handbooks, and in the main office of each school upon request.

Textbook Policy

The South Sanpete Board of Education and District may purchase textbooks approved by the State Textbook Commission for resale or rental to students in grades 6-12 and provide free textbooks to each child whose parent or guardian is financially unable to purchase or rent them. The Board shall require students in grades 6-12 to rent textbooks each year based upon the current District Fee Schedule.

For the purpose of this policy "textbooks" shall include textbooks and workbooks necessary for participation in any instructional course. It shall not include personal or consumable items such gas pencils, papers, pens, notebooks, erasers, or other items of personal use or product which a student may purchase at his option, such as publications, class rings, yearbooks, and similar items.

The Board shall provide free of charge such textbooks and workbooks required for courses of instruction for each child K-5 attending public schools. Students (6-12) whose parents or guardians are financially unable to pay textbook fees or other required fees may have those fees waived if they make application and qualify for Fee Waivers.

In addition to the textbook rental fee, students will be assessed an additional charge for rented textbooks that are not returned or which are returned in a condition that, in the judgment of school officials, has been damaged or abused beyond what is reasonable to expect for the time the book is in the possession of the student.

School officials are directed to keep a written record of the condition of each textbook at the time the book is checked out to the student (new, excellent, good, fair, poor, unusable) and upon return of the book compare its past condition with its present condition and render a judgment as to whether or not its returned condition exceeds "reasonable use" and what additional "damage fee" is to be assessed, if any. The pre-condition rating of the book should be made known to the student before the student accepts the book, and any disagreement as to its pre-condition rating worked out before the student starts to use it.

In order to indemnify families from large textbook rental costs, the Board shall establish family maximums for textbook rental based upon the current District Fee Schedule.

Disposal of Old Textbooks

When a school within the District wants to dispose of old textbooks, they shall notify the District as such. Upon receiving this notification, the District shall first see if any school or educational entity within the District has an interest in them. If no school is interested, the District shall then notify other school districts and charter schools within the State and advertise the availability of these textbooks for two weeks. If the District does not receive any interest after this two-week period, the textbooks shall be boxed up and discarded.
Reference: Board Rule R277-433-3

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