Salary Deductions                                                                                                                                              DCB

Adopted: 4-6-76
Revised: 4-13-05

It shall be the policy of the South Sanpete School District to offer payroll deduction or salary deferment for its employees. The following conditions shall apply:

1. The District personally shall not advise or select plans or companies for its employees to shelter their income with, and accepts no responsibility for their performance or results. The fact that a program is on the payroll cannot be construed as the District's endorsement of its merits.

2. No new programs can be admitted unless at least 10 employees sign up initially and it offers a significant feature not available in the programs already offered.

3. An employee can adjust his salary at any time during the year for the purpose of entering or leaving a tax shelter program.

4. Employees who participate in the Flexible Spending program shall enroll at the beginning of each school year.

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