Travel Policy (Teachers & Teachers)                                                                                                                        DLCA


Revised: 9-17-03
Revised: 5-10-06 (increase mileage reimbursement from .31 to .36)
Revised: 11-14-07
Revised: 6-11-08 (increase mileage reimbursement from .36 to .42)
Revised: 6-11-14 (Combining DLCA, DLC, DLCD)

The following Policy shall govern out-of-District travel and expense reimbursement of building administrators and teachers if expenses are to be reimbursed by the Board of Education:

     1. Written justification, travel plans, and prior approval must be submitted to the principal and/or the Superintendent.

     2. Expense assistance will not exceed the following:

             a. .42 cents per mile.

             b. Meals will be $8 for breakfast, $11 for lunch, and $16 for dinner. 
                (Meal reimbursements are based on overnight travel or upon leaving before 6:00 a.m. and arriving home after 7:00 p.m.)

             c. Any additional expenses will be borne by the participant

     3. When using other transportation, i.e., bus, air, train, etc., the Business Administrator will make the necessary arrangements.

     4. Motel costs vary by location, date, and availability of the State Bid rate. Reimbursement will be the actual rate if less than $100 per night. However,  
         rates exceeding $100 per night must be approved by the Business Administrator. Original motel receipts must be returned in order to get the sales
         tax returned to the District. This cost is for in-State and out-of-State travel.

     5. Availability of funds shall govern approval of any travel.

     6. Expense Reimbursements:

           a. District principals who incur travel expenses in carrying out their authorized duties outside the South Sanpete School District shall be
               reimbursed by the District upon submission of a properly-filled out, approved Voucher (DLCC) and such supporting receipts as required by the
               Superintendent. Such expenses may be approved not to exceed $300 per school year. This limit shall not apply to out of-State or other
               convention travel that is approved by the Board of Education.

           b. Expenses for travel, meals and lodging will be paid monthly, after receipt of a signed Travel Expense Voucher (DLCC) has been submitted to the
               District. Per diem may also be paid in advance of travel if properly documented and approved.

           c. When official travel by a personally-owned vehicle has been authorized, mileage payment shall be made at the rate currently approved by the  
               Board. However, District employees are encouraged to take a District vehicle whenever possible

     7. A written report summarizing the travel activities must be submitted to the Superintendent.

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