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Facilities and Rental
Revision of Policies: (DFDA, DFDA-2, DFDA-SP)
Revision: 8-6-14


The Board of Education of the South Sanpete School District recognizes that school facilities belong to the school community. Therefore, it is their policy to encourage the use of these facilities by groups and organizations whose purposes and objectives contribute to the development of the school program or the community.

The Board of Education also recognizes that the primary purpose of school facilities is to implement the regular instructional program and those other uses should not interfere with this program.

The Board of Education further recognizes that there are costs involved in non-school use of facilities and that charges should be made so that tax money will not be used in support of non-school activities. Recognizing these costs, the Board charges the superintendent with the responsibility of developing a fee schedule and administrative rules for the implementation of this policy.

To provide opportunities for citizens to participate in educational and recreational activities through the establishment of a building and facilities rental fee schedule and procedures.

All District buildings are by law civic centers and may be used by District
residents for supervised recreational activities and meetings. 53A-3-413

a. Use of District property for civic center purposes shall not interfere with any school function or purpose. 53A-3-413
b. The lessee is subject to adherence to the standards of behavior of the school and Utah State Law. Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs will not be permitted on school property. Violation of any of these
    standards is grounds for termination of the rental agreement and the immediate removal of those individuals associated with the rental. Violation may result in the forfeiting of all deposits and
    additional charges may be assessed.
c. Principals or building managers shall charge for the use of the facilities as outlined in the Rental Fee Schedules.
d. A principal or building manager may refuse the use of District facilities.
e. Collection for rental is the responsibility of the principal or building manager and shall be made in advance. 
f. All rental time shall be computed from the time of requested opening to closing of the doors. Persons lingering in the building shall be the responsibility of the lessee and closing time shall be the
   time when all persons associated with the rental have left the building. The fee will be adjusted for additional time.
g. The principal or building manager shall establish additional charges for school equipment (spot lights, VCR and televisions, microphones, etc.) and supplies used by the lessee.
h. Equipment, keys, and property shall not be loaned or removed from the building.
i. Gymnasiums shall be rented only where adequate protection of the gym floor and participants is assured by the lessee. Renters shall pay for any damage caused to the gym, equipment or floor.
j. Supervision: The building principal shall appoint an adult supervisor who shall be responsible for oversight of the building and facilities used during the rental period. Supervision may also include a
   custodian when the building principal deems that immediate access to a custodian may be in the best interest of the District.
   If kitchen facilities are going to be used, an employee of that kitchen must be in attendance to supervise and will be paid their regular hourly wage. This cost will be in addition to the building rental  
   Buildings may not be left without such supervision while occupied. In addition to the building supervision provided by the school, all rental groups must provide supervision to maintain order and
   prevent damage or loss of school property.
   The cost stage hands, light, sound technicians, police, ushers, supervisors, etc., shall be in addition to the basic fee.
k. Interlocal government agreements shall be negotiated by the Superintendent and supersede this policy.
l. Deposit: Principals shall require a minimum deposit of $25.00 to be returned or applied to the rental cost when facilities are left clean and undamaged. In unusual situations, the deposit may be
   increased as the principal deems appropriate.
m. Insurance: All commercial groups wishing to use South Sanpete School District facilities shall normally be required to provide evidence of liability insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000. They
     should also add South Sanpete as an insured on their policy for liability arising out of their use of District facilities. To evidence this coverage, their insurer should be required to send the District a
     certificate of insurance giving the District the right of advance notice of cancellation of such insurance. The amount of required notice depends on the timing of their use, but should normally be at
     least ten days and preferably thirty days. The State Office of Risk Management currently has a commercial insurance program available to cover outside entities which don't already have insurance
     coverage. This policy covers most kinds of events, but does not cover, for example, injuries to participants in athletic events. An application for putting this coverage in place is available from the
     District. Individuals may obtain off-premises liability coverage from their homeowner's insurance provider to meet the requirements for insurance coverage.
     Non Commercial Users: (including individuals and community groups) The use of school buildings and grounds is granted pursuant to the Utah Civic Center Status at UCA 53A-3-413. Approval
      under this policy is a Permit under the Civic Center statues and grants the District full legal immunity under the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah Pursuant to 63G-7-301
n. Based upon availability and principal's permission, District/school facilities may be rented Monday thru Saturday. Any rental on a Sunday is highly discouraged; however, any such use would need to be pre-approved by the building principal and the superintendent on a case-by-case basis for an occasional or extenuating circumstance and meet all of the requirements of this Policy.


a. Free Use
Free Use shall apply to those organizations that are organized for educational, general character, and/or welfare purposes, under the direction of South Sanpete School District or other governmental agencies serving the public interest. All meetings qualifying under these provisions shall be non-exclusive, open to the public, and free of charge. If facilities or services are required above the normal provisions, the actual cost of such facilities or services shall be charged. Free use shall apply to the units of the Parent Teacher Association and the Parent Teacher Organization.
b. Actual Cost Use
Actual cost use shall apply to those organizations that charge admission fees or solicit contributions, the net proceeds of which are expended for the welfare of pupils of the District or for charitable purposes and other civic groups whose purposes are for the betterment of the community. The District charge will not exceed actual cost of the operation of the facility.
Church or religious organizations shall be charged actual cost for any use. Actual cost shall also apply to private individuals for such things as family functions, etc.
c. Fair Market Use
Fair market use shall apply to those individuals/organizations that charge admissions or fees to the activity which will be spent for other than charitable or welfare purposes. The minimum rental shall be equal to the fair market value charged for rental of comparable facilities in the private sector.
These include, but are not limited to:
• Teachers providing private instruction for a fee such as music lessons.
• Events for which admission is charged, items sold, or paid instruction for students such as a music, art, dance, aerobics, basketball, weight training.

4. Building Rental Fee Schedule
The Rental Fee Schedule shall be established by the Board of Education. The Rental Fee Schedule is subject to annual review. Fees indicated are hourly and include Building Supervisor and cleanup. Principals may assign building supervision and cleanup by persons (typically school employees) who are willing to waive their reimbursement costs. Fees for unusual Fair Market Use Events such as concerts and competitions may be adjusted to reflect size of crowds and admission charges with District Office approval.

Type of Facility Actual Cost Fair Market
Classroom $15.00 $15.00-$40.00
Cafeteria $20.00 $20.00-$110.00
Kitchen $20.00 $20.00-$110.00
Multipurpose Room $20.00 $20.00-$110.00
Auditorium $70.00 $220.00
Gymnasium $55.00 $220.00
Football Field $20.00 $150.00
Football Stadium $50.00 $220.00
Softball/Baseball Fields $20.00 $150.00
Practice Fields $10.00 $75.00

In addition to any of the above rates, the school administration reserves the right to increase charges for the purposes of air-conditioning, lighting, security guards, additional custodial requirements, and /or school district administration requirements which are not within the policy rates but are necessary for the protection of school property and those in attendance.

Instructions to Schools:
Return to the District Office the portion of fees collected that offset actual costs. Retain the remaining portion of fees collected in the school General Fund.

5. Resolution: Non-Public Student Participation on School Properties.

To: All District Schools
From: Superintendent Don Hill
Re: Field Trips, Use of School Property and Equipment

At the February 10, 2009, Board meeting, the South Sanpete Board of Education adopted the following resolution:
"Non-public school students shall not be allowed to attend or participate in school-sponsored field trips/activities, to be on school property, or to play on school equipment during the school day unless they are an official member of that school or a class sponsored by the school."


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