Development and Review of Administrative Rules                                                                     CE

Adopted: 3-9-76
Approved: 3-9-05

The Board shall delegate to the superintendent the function of specifying required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which the school will be operated, whenever practical. These detailed arrangements shall constitute the administrative regulations governing the schools. They shall be defined in written form and organized by subject or date with adequate indexing for easy use. Make-up and distribution will be so as to facilitate easy filing and proper use, the distribution will be so as to facilitate easy filing and proper use, and distribution shall include the members of the Board. The administrative regulations must in every respect be consistent with the policies of the Board.

The Board, itself, shall strive to formulate and adopt administrative regulations only when specific state laws require Board adoption. But the Board may also do so when the superintendent recommends Board adoption in light of strong community attitudes or probably staff reactions.

The Board reserves the right to review and veto administrative rules should they, in the Board's judgment, be inconsistent with the spirit and intent of the policies adopted by the Board. The systematic review of administrative rules shall parallel the review of the Board's policies.


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