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A great day with some great weather and some great performances from our track team!

Stay tuned for more pics....

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Track is an activity that ANYONE can do. The nature of one’s work habits coupled with learning proper technique is the key to advancing an individual’s ability to compete. Thus the aim of the overall track program at Manti High School is to provide the structure to teach proper technique in the different events to anyone who desires to be a part of this program. To meet the needs of all, this program will consist of two parts: Training and Competition. 

A. Training:

This aspect will focus on life skills such as:

1.     Setting goals for A Daily Workout regimen

2.     working to obtain goals in a step by step process

3.     proper running technique

4.     proper maintenance of the body

5.     Learning to listen to the body so it can tell you what is right and what is wrong

Because of the focus on a healthy lifestyle and good habits, PE credit can be earned for track team participation. See a counselor to ensure you get the proper credit.

B. Competition:

Competition is the key goal for those participating on the Track Team. We here at MHS strive to put athletes in the events their body type and training will allow to compete effectively. One of life’s lessons is that you have to shift focus in order to win. So although an athlete may like a certain race, he/she may be best suited to run a different one.  Thus we will work with each individual to get him/her to the level that he/she is comfortable with and will allow for the best chance of success. In order to receive a varsity letter in Track, an individual must compete in at least 3 of the invitational's, or the region championship meet. To qualify to compete in an invitational, one must have one of the 3 best times or distances in an event.


We strive as a staff to teach that hard work can be FUN!!!

Especially if you are progressing as an individual.

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