South Sanpete School District

Unpaid Meal Charges Standard Procedures 


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Identification of Delinquent Accounts

               1. Lunch Secretaries at each school will handle all accounting of school lunch payments including the management of charging and
                   crediting student accounts.
               2. Parents will be notified of delinquent lunch accounts.
               3. The school will notify parents about delinquent accounts. Notification will typically be through the automated
                  (Messenger or  Power School) system. However, phone, text, or e-mail, may be used to communicate with parents on how they
                    wish to make payments.
                4. Student may take notifications home in a sealed envelope, addressed to the parent.
                5. If the balance in the school meals account does not cover the price of a reimbursable meal at the Elementary Schools and the 
                   Middle Schools, the parent will be contacted and given Three Options:
                         • Parent may come and pay before the lunch period
                         • Parent may bring a lunch to the student
                         • Student may take an alternate meal (lunch)provided by the school nutrition service.
                               Ø If the school has not received direction from the parent, the student, prior to the meal service, will be contacted about 
                                  the action the school will take. The school will act as sensitively and discretely as possible so as not to embarrass the 
                               Ø The student may receive an alternate meal a maximum of 5 times per school year.
                  6. If the balance in the school meals account does not cover the price of a reimbursable meal at the High Schools, the student
                      will not be allowed to eat after he/she has accumulated 5 charges.
                               Ø The school is not required to provide a meal, at no cost, if a student does not qualify for a free meal.
                  7. If a student repeatedly has no money in their school lunch account and no student meals are provided from home, school 
                      officials may consider the circumstances in the home and may contact Child Protective Services.

     Parent Payment Options for student meals may include:
                  1. Parent may make payments to the school by mail, hand delivery, or on-line using Secure Instant Payments. Payments should 
                      indicate which account, funds should be credited.
                   2. Payments may be checks, cash, cashier’s check or money orders.
                           Ø If check is returned due to insufficient funds two times from the same account, only cash or cashier’s check 
                               will be accepted for future meal payments.
                   3. Individual schools may work with families to establish long-term repayment plans.
                   4. Schools may use collection agencies to collect on delinquent accounts.
                   5. If money is left over in a student school lunch account at the conclusion of the school year, it will be rolled over into the next 
                       year unless the balance is requested the parent/student.
                             Ø If balance is under $5.00 money will be given to the student after the student initials that he/she received it from the 
                                lunch secretary.
                             Ø If the balance is over $100.00 the parent/student will automatically receive a check for the amount.

After thirty (30) days of a negative balance collection procedures may be initiated on accounts.

The Meal Charge Policy can be found on under School Meals.