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Utah Administrative Code - Table of Contents
Utah Code 53A - State System of Public Ed
G - Personnel

GA        Personnel Policies Goals

GAC     Nondiscrimination

             GAC-1 Discrimination and Harassment Reporting Form 
GACA   Sexual Harassment and Title lX

             GACA-1 pdfFormal Complaint Template
            GACA-2 pdfAppeal Request

GBB    Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBC    Staff Ethics and Conduct

GBCA  Staff Conflicts of Interest (Nepotism)

GBCB  Code of Conduct/Appropriate Behavior Policy

GBD    Board/Staff Communications

GBG   Staff Participation in Political Activities 

GBI    Threat of or Actual Harm to Students or District Employees

          GBI-SP    Sample Letter 1
          GBI-SP    Sample Letter 2

GBH  Staff/Student Relations

GBL   Personnel Records

GBM  Employees Dress and Grooming

GBQ  Early Retirement Assistance Program

          GBQ-1    Early Retirement Assistance Contract
          GBQ-2    Reemployment of Retired Employees

GBR  Accumulated Sick Leave Reimbursement 

GCA  Professional Staff Positions

GCB  Professional Staff Contract, Interns and Compensation Plans

          GCB-SP.         Intern Pay 
          GCB -SP -1   Salary and Benefits for Part-time Teachers
          GCB-A           Extra Period Pay
          GCB-A-1       Application for Extra Period

GCBC Professional Employee Benefits

           GCBC-SP      Professional Employment Benefits
           GCBC-A        Salary Lane Changes   
           GCBC-A-SP  Salary Lane Change Application

GCBD Professional Staff and Absences

           GCBD-A        Professional Staff Leave Policy
           GCBD-A_SP  Community Service Leave 
           GCBD-A-1     Appeal Form for Excessive Leave Day
           GCBD-AA     Policy for Family and Medical Leave Act
           GCBD-AG    Work Attendance of Employees with AIDS    

GCS     Time and Effort Reporting

GCC    Recruiting and Hiring of Personnel

GCCB  Background Checks and Employment

GCD     Use of School Facilities by The South Sanpete Education Association

GCE     Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment 

GCF     Employment Licensure

GCG    Provisional, Probation, and Career Educators

            GCG-A    Letter of Intent for Provisional Teachers 
            GCG-B   Recommendation for Provisional Teachers

GCI       Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
              GCI- Transfer Request Form

GCK    Professional Staff Work Load and Extra Duty

           GCKA-SP Extra Pay for Extra Duty
           GCKB-SP Salary Policies for Classified Staff
           GCKC-SP Salary Schedule

GCM   Supervision of Professional Staff

GCN   Evaluation of Professional Staff

          GCNA     Teacher Evaluation Model
          GCNA-1  Teacher Evaluation Model (Form)
          GCNA-2  Peer Evaluation for Provisional Teachers
          GCNA-3  Teacher Professional Growth Plan Form
          GCNA-4  Teacher Self Evaluation (Form)
          GCNB-1  Classified Evaluation (Form)
          GCNB-2  Bus Drivers Evaluation (Form)
          GCNC     Leadership Evaluation Model
          GCNC-1 Self Assessment
          GCNC-2 Educational Leadership

GCO   Professional Staff Promotions

GCP   Reduction in Work Force
           GCPB    Resignation of Employee
           GCPD    Suspension and Dismissal of Career Staff Members
           GCPDA Orderly Termination
           GCPDA-1 Clearance and Security

GCQD  Professional Organization

GCRD  Employee Use of Personal Electronic Devices and Cellular Phones

GHCD  Drug Abuse by Employees

GI         Prohibition of Dangerous Materials