September Parent Informer


7- Labor Day (NO School)
8- Teacher Professional Development (NO School)
16- School Pictures by Lifetouch
24- Parent Teacher Conferences (1/2 day of school- students out at 12 p.m.)
25- Parent Teacher Conferences (NO school)

12- Columbus Day/ Indigenous People's Day (YES,THERE IS SCHOOL)
19-20- Fall Break (NO School)
22- Picture Retakes
31- Halloween

** Please check the LUNCH page for a notice regarding the recent USDA FREE LUNCH program. If your student has a current lunch balance, please pay promptly in the office to settle your student's account. 


The students will be out of school Monday, September 7th for the Labor Day holiday and Wednesday, September 8th for a teacher professional development training.  School will also be excused early at 12 noon on Thursday, Sept. 24th and there will be NO school on Friday, Sept. 25th for Parent/Teacher Conferences. NO kindergarten classes or preschool held that Thursday or Friday.

Lifetouch Photography will be here on Wednesday, Sept. 16th to take school pictures.  Every student will be photographed for school purposes.  Remember, school photo purchase is completely optional, but the school does receive a small portion of the sales.
Picture retakes will be on October 22nd, in case your student misses the original picture day.  Lifetouch will not be offering sibling or non-student pictures at this time.  Only Ephraim Elementary students will be photographed.  You may order pictures BEFORE picture day at using picture ID: EVT6RCT4F or you may send back the paper form with payment on picture day!


We are off to a great start this year! Thank you so much for all of your help! Because of COVID restrictions, and in order to keep everyone as safe as possible, the September 24th and 25th Parent Teacher Conferences will be conducted by PHONE instead of in person. Make sure your contact information is correct on Power School. Parents/guardians, please schedule an appointment online at:
Use booking code: e62f4

NOTE:  The phone call may come from a blocked or restricted phone number.  Please answer at your scheduled time. Your child’s teacher will send home the PTC documents and information with your student prior to the conference and contact you by phone at your scheduled time. Thanks again for all your help!

¡Hemos tenido un gran comienzo este año! ¡Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda! Debido a las restricciones de COVID, y para mantener a todos lo más seguros posible, las conferencias de padres y maestros del 24 y 25 de septiembre se llevarán a cabo por TELÉFONO en lugar de en persona. Asegúrese de que su información de contacto sea correcta en Power School. Padres / tutores, programen una cita en línea en:
Utilice el código de reserva: e62f4

NOTA: La llamada telefónica puede provenir de un número de teléfono bloqueado o restringido. Responda a la hora programada. El maestro de su hijo enviará a casa los documentos y la información de PTC con su estudiante antes de la conferencia y se comunicará con usted por teléfono a la hora programada. ¡Gracias, de nuevo, por toda su ayuda!


Please sign up to be a member of the PTA this year! The membership cost is $10. The reward card is pending.  Typically membership dues help support school events and activities but due to current regulations, those activities are not allowed yet.  The PTA is donating cleaning and other learning supplies to the classrooms. They will try to continue with as many other activities as possible, though they may look a little different. Parents, grandparents and community members can sign up at: 

Several options are available to help with PTA fundraising opportunities.  Sign up with AMAZON SMILE by clicking on the "Your Charity" tab and searching for Ephraim Elementary PTA.  Also, save those Box Tops!  You can cut and turn in the physical Box Tops to the school. (There is a blue monster box by the office door!) or take a picture of your receipt with the Box Top app.  These are just small ways that make a big difference in helping EES!

The PTA is still looking for a President Elect for next year.  If you are interested or need more information, contact a member of the PTA Board.

President:  Heidi Bahlmann- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
reasurer:  Jill Thompson-  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Secretary:  Tawnya Rasmussen- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




     We want to let you know about an App by Overdrive called SORA!

Our District is using this children’s version of Overdrive that is more user friendly!

Your children can read a book on their device and take it with them where ever they go!

     When a book is borrowed from Sora, it is automatically returned in 14 days unless it is renewed by the student. No more lost or damaged books!

     Have your student download the Overdrive App called SORA.

There are 2 ways you can do this:

     1. For a shortcut, you can go to:

    A. Click on South Sanpete School District from the “select your school” menu

    B. Type in your username (first.last)

    C. Type in your password (123 for K-2 or Lexia password for 3rd-5th,

      (School email password for Faculty and Staff)

Or you can:

     2. Go to the app store

         Search for the Sora App

         Install the App “Sora by Overdrive”

         Click "Find My School" Type in CUES

         Then select "South Sanpete School District" from the list.  Log in with user name and password               Follow (Steps B and C)


Let the students scroll through books that are available for them to check out and read. 

*Click on the book, then click “borrow.”

Swipe to the left to read each page.

If the student wants to return the book before the 14 days are up, they can!

*Click on “Shelf” (at the bottom of the screen)

*Click on “Options” (at the left of screen)

Click on “return” Then find another great book to read!


To encourage students to use this great app and read, we are starting a contest on Sept. 1st through May 24 (last day of school) At the end of each month, the student who has checked out the most books on SORA, will win a prize!

Help your student download the app today and start reading!!

If you have a struggling reader, go to the “Readalongs.” The books will be read to the student highlighting each word as it is read so the student can read along with the book Thanks for your support in helping our students "READ TO SUCCEED!"


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