Susan McFarlane 

 Mrs. Susan McFarlane
Family and Consumer Science Teacher/FCCLA Advisor

Mrs. McFarlane is certified in Family and Consumer 
Science with a minor in Art. She is also certified 
Next Steps and Early Steps.

The Family and Consumer Science program is designed to prepare students for family and work life. Students learn about nutrition and health, exploring careers,
managing resources and balancing personal and work life. By completing FACS courses, students become skilled in management of home and career.

FCCLA-Family, Community and Career Leaders of America.  This is a CTE organization with the family as its central focus. We make a
difference in families, careers and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues through FACS education. It provides opportunities for
service and leadership

Courses Offered     Suggested Order of Classes

Food l 9-12:  Students focus on the principles of food preparation, sports nutrition
                   consumerism, and career options in the food industry.

Interior Design l/ll 9-12:  Students will explore creativity in the field of interior design
                                     furniture arrangement basics, floor plan evaluation, area
                                     planning and careers

Clothing l 9-12:   Students will get hands on experience with basic sewing and pressing 
                          equipment, textiles and introductory level project construction techniques.

Teen Living 9-12:  Students will research different career options and the development of 
                           Interpersonal skills


9th grade:  Teen Living

10th Grade: Interior Design l and ll

11th Grade: Foods l

12th Grade:  Clothing l 

9th or 10th Grade: Interior Design Pathway

11th grade: Entrepreneurship

12th Grade Workplace Skills

MHS K-16 Pathways:


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Pathway Partners

Level 1 Floor Solution
Eco Life>Localservices>PestControl
Todd Alder Construction   
Snow College



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